Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hard to believe...

A week ago Matthew and I read the "Baby 411" book section for 3 month olds. The book told us that Claire should now be getting a night routine going. Our main complaint with her is that she goes to bed at 11:30 to 2am and we'd be in heaven if we could adjust that to a 9 or 10pm go down. She sleeps 8-9 hours straight with no wake ups which is just so hard for us to believe.

Anyway the book said that we should start putting Claire down when she yawns or fusses but before she falls asleep. I have to say that it's working like a charm. She's just so easy! We had one day of grumbling when we transitioned her from the bassinet to the crib, but she's fine if you just stick her in her crib awake. Ten minutes later you walk in and she's asleep. Miracle!

We haven't had as much luck with moving the long sleep at night, but we are hopeful. I go back to work on Monday and am very nervous about staying up until 2am with her. Crossing fingers.

There are a few other ways that Claire is really different from Oliver. She is super smiley and will flat out laugh at times. She is a real talker, and will join a conversation in progress by contributing her own coos. She's not as physical as Oliver was and shows no real desire to figure out how to move herself around at this point. She isn't colicy so far and is a great communicator. If she is hungry she will suck her hand. I can imagine that she will be a thumb sucker as well.

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