Monday, December 29, 2008


It's been too long since our last post. Therefore I must give only highlights in bullet point form:
1. Oliver is now loving to grab his feet
2. Oliver can sit up for about 15 seconds before falling over. He does not mind falling over.
3. Oliver is now smiling all the time.
4. Because he knows he is cute, he prefers to be looked at all the time. He will often make sqeaking sounds to get attention then smile once he is being looked at.
5. Flying on the plane with Oliver was quite an adventure. Picture dad in the tiny bathroom changing Oliver on a toilet seat while he takes advantage of his diaper free moment and pees on the floor. On the way back mommy got to change two poopy diapers on the plane. This is an odd coincidence because Oliver doesn't have a BM more than once every 4 days or so.
6. Oliver may have his first cold. We are going to check with the doctor on the 31st to find out what the deal is but he's coughing, runny nose, and one eye is dripping a constant tear.

We've got a ton of great photos from Christmas, so below is only a sampling. To see more, please visit:

Demonstrating his skills with cousin Emma

First solid food - yummy sweet potatoes!

Looking festive with Grandma

Opening his stocking with Mom

Meeting Emma's doll Sophie

Daddy and Oliver on Christmas morning

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Finally! A photo where Oliver looks like me (Amanda). I feel like here he definitely has my eyes and cheeks. Since most of the time people look at Oliver and say that he either looks like Matt or Denny Linden, I have to take these moments when they come!

For more photos or to order prints:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in Yreka

We made the trek up to Yreka last week for Thanksgiving with the Meeks. We drove through the night both times to account for Oliver's sleeping schedule and it worked like a charm. Thanksgiving itself was a blast - a full blown turkey dinner, featuring Oliver's first solid food: sweet potatoes! Just a smidge on mom's finger - so good! He slept in Amanda's old room from childhood at GG Nickie's house. They're very good friends, those two. Oliver also spent much time with his cousins Ella and Lucas. Ella even heard him say his first word - "Ella." No one else heard it, but she's certain.

The town of Yreka had their holiday parade on Saturday, and Grandpa/City Manager Brian and Ella rode in the old fashioned fire engine. Grandma Nickie rode the Soroptomist's Club float, much to our surprise. That old gal's full of surprises. Later that afternoon, we dropped Oliver off with Grandma Magie and went on the annual Elusive Silver Tip Hunt with the family - the search for the perfect silver tip christmas tree in Klamath National Forest. Brian took us to a beautiful lookout with a spectacular view of Mt. Shasta and the entire Shasta Valley. We spent the afternoon in the woods, hunting trees and tailgating, and picked Oli up after dark.

Oliver, these days, is all about his feet and sitting up. His feet are very cool and he will proudly show them to you. He can't quite sit up, but darned if he isn't giving it his best shot every time he tries! We are very excited about his little tuft of hair, and will be encouraging if he wants a faux-hawk early on in his life.

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