Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Great Insight

The other day I was painting a picture for Claire's room using water color. Oliver was very interested and impressed with the picture. He looked it over and told me how much he liked the unicorn, which is actually the best part of the layout. Then he said, "Hey Mama, there is no white paint here," pointing to my tray of watercolors, "How you did make the unicorn white?"

"The paper is white, so I just painted purple all around it," I said. "Whoa! That's cool."

I thought it was a pretty great insight of his to notice that.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yesterday we went to see Santa in downtown San Carlos. We got there right at noon when he opened and there was no line! Oliver walked right up to him and said, "Hello, I'm Oliver!" in typical Oliver fashion. Then he handed a note we wrote outlining his gift desires and one gift idea for Papa and Mama. We tried to get a good photo but Oliver didn't really want to sit on the stranger's lap or pose. Oliver declined a candy cane and we left. Later when we passed by again on our way to the car, Oliver shouted to him, "We are just going to walk away now!" indicating that he didn't want anymore Santa time. Santa laughed at that one.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mr. Particular

Interesting facts about Oliver:
1. "Juice" to him is 1/2 water 1/2 apple juice (no other juice is potable) warmed for 20 seconds in the microwave. Oliver drinks Juice, lemonade, milk, water or root beer. Period.
2. Each day Oliver must bring a car with him to school, to keep in his backpack. Before he'll put it in the backpack he needs to show a teacher.
3. Oliver's classroom has three potties. He will only use the middle.
4. If we are reading a book about cars and there is a page of really interesting autos, Oliver will stop and say, "Wait a minute. I need to get serious about this."

Leaf Jumpin'