Thursday, March 29, 2012

Being three

Being a three and a half year old boy means that you:

1. Feel comfortable dragging your baby potty into the dining room in the early morning while your parents are sleeping so that you can poop while playing with cars and looking out the french window.

2. Say things like, "Hey mom, let's get that the next time we are at 'our local Target store'." He hears catch phrases from TV and radio like "at your local..." and they stick.

3. Bring internet and technology into your everyday language, confusing the virtual world with the tangible world. Today Oliver said to me, "Mama, click here if you would like to play cars 2 with me." Um. What?

4. Get mad when you have to go to swimming lessons arguing that you don't want to take swimming lessons, you want to take super hero lessons to fly and have powers.

5. Eat a ton at every meal and are hungry all the time. Typical lunch is noodles, chicken, broccoli all in portions that are the same as what I would eat. Breakfast is 4 pancakes. Not uncommon to say at 11am, "Before we go mama I want you to make me a bagel and also a peanut butter jelly sandwich."

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general fuzz said...

That was crazy amusing