Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 15

Claire is now waking up and looking alive now and then. She still primarily wakes to feed but the feeding time is longer, and then there is an hour of restless colic before she goes down. She seems to have gas, so we got some colic ease drops for her. I wish she would rest on a blanket and just chill, but I don't think her eyesight is good enough yet to let her just lay and stare.

Oliver is in a bedtime story rut. The same three books for the last week or so at bed. All about trucks. One is a library book, one a picture book and the last one is the Richard Scary Things that Go book. We just turn each page looking for Goldbug.

We've had lots of visitors over the long weekend and are very thankful for all the great food and gifts folks have received.

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