Sunday, January 29, 2012

4 weeks

Matthew and I are getting used to the 2 kid household. Claire slept through the night for the first time last night which was a lot sooner than her older brother did. I'm not holding my breath that it will happen regularly though.

Claire is similar to Oliver in that she's super fussy at night. It would have been nice to have one child that didn't scream from 6-8pm each day for months on end. I'm getting used to the numbness of just sitting with a baby that cries and not taking it personally. I can tell this time around that I'm a little older, and that I don't have as much energy to please.

Claire is a great eater and very strong. She is already lifting her head up and about half way to rolling over. She loves music with a strong beat and is starting to get interested in lights. We've been reading her the books we have that are black and white and she's responding to the high contrast of the images.

Oliver is in a lot of classes these days. He goes to Bing each week on MWF and he's enrolled in both swimming lessons and also soccer. He's a little scared of the swimming lessons. I felt bad when he asked me if he could get out and be done, and his instructor is a little bit of a rough guy. But... a little fear is a good thing. I totally hated swimming lessons and I love to swim now.

Soccer class is a little silly, but he likes it. I had hoped it would be a little more real than it is. It's more of a, "kick the ball to the frisbee and you get a stamp," kind of a thing. Still, it's good at getting him to follow directions as he moves his body.

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