Monday, February 14, 2011

A typical day...

Wake up to a boy at my bed saying "Wake up Momma!" Get out of bed to husband making coffee. I begin to make a move to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, but Oliver grabs my hand and says "Come me Momma." So I yell toward the kitchen "Honey, will you make heart shaped pancakes with strawberries?? That's what I would make but this boy has other ideas." Matthew looks overwhelmed.

Oliver and I make a heart shape with all his red and purple cars. Then we eat heart-ish pancakes. I put Oli in a red sweater which is bulky, and he hates it. The boys head off to work/preschool. Matthew has to leave work early to get new glasses, because in a wrestling match Oliver kicked his head and the glasses broke. It was time for a new pair anyway.

At work I get an email from Matthew telling me that Oliver got a valentine from Anna at preschool. The preschool doesn't officially do valentines, so we didn't send any with him. It was a fairy scene folded in half with a heart sticker. Inside it said "You have Pixie Power!" with another heart sticker. Oliver is always the first boy in the door when class starts, even if he has to run through other parent's legs leaving me to scramble behind. Today Oliver was the last child in class, examining his valentine in the hallway for a long time. When he was done he put it in the pocket of his brown corduroy pants.

After work I get home and we make frozen pizza, have wine, and chocolate cake for dessert. I love it because there is no dishes. Oliver shows me the valentine and then complains because his PJs don't have a pocket to put the note in. We decide to keep it in the cords for now.

When it's time for bed Oli wants dad to read him stories, and wants to sleep with his huge semi truck. He comes out once to complain about going to bed. Then again because he has the hick ups. Finally he goes to sleep but eventually the semi falls out of the bed and we both go rushing into the bedroom to find out what happened. Oliver cries because the commotion woke him up. Then he goes to sleep for the night.

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