Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two and a Half

Oliver is a challenge these days. He's very moody, and often says no when he means yes. He has strange outbursts of energy, both high and low. He often starts a request with crying as opposed to crying after I've said no.

This week we had to make a book called "No biting please!" for Oliver after he bit Anais twice in two days. Here is a summary of things that are a battle for us right now:

1. Wants to wear pajamas all day every day. Very upset every morning when we have to put on clothes. Runs to the hamper and holds the PJs like they are a long lost friend while crying out in frustration.

2. Doesn't want to eat much. Never wants to eat veggies. Just wants cereal and raisins and apple juice.

3. Always wants to watch a show on the television.

4. When playing, he'll set something up and then be frustrated if anyone changes it. He'll make a train that is very long and if we want to push the train he will yell, "NO!" and push it back where it was.

5. Doesn't want momma to take a shower, or to use the hair dryer, or to use the vacuum. Doesn't want momma to wear a sweater or coat.

6. Doesn't want to wear a sweater or coat himself.

7. Doesn't want momma to sit to eat a meal or sleep. Often comes over and declares, "Momma! Follow me! Get up!"

We are doing our best together, but it's a challenging time for us and I'd be lying if I said I haven't raised my voice now and again. Thankfully when I do, Oliver seems shocked and gets the sense that he should mellow out for a minute or two. I'm crossing fingers that we move past this phase soon!

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