Monday, July 13, 2009

Moving Weekend

Last weekend was a big one for us. We moved to Redwood City and Oliver got a taste for what it's like to put everything you own in a box and move to a new place. Honestly I feel like he's adjusting the best out of all of us.
A million thanks to Mary and Den for helping us to move and unpack, and for taking care of Oliver. Oliver just loves his grandma and grandpa so much. Though he has separation anxiety, when grandma Mary would go outside to read her book, it was "Who cares about mom, where is grandma Mary!". And the first time he saw Denny during this visit he just looked and looked. I can only imagine there was some sense of, "Who is this guy who looks just like me and dad?" Den and Oliver had a great time reading books and playing "goofy".

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