Sunday, June 28, 2009


A summary of new Oliver milestones:
1. Talking: he says three "words". Na na is the most common, which means I'm hungry but also specifically banana (his favorite food). I think for Oliver the food pyramid is more of a food wheel with banana at the core. Mama and Dada are the other words and they now clearly refer to us. We are starting to hear Ba when he's playing with balls, but can't officially confirm that yet.
2. Taking steps: yesterday was a world record with five steps in a row before plopdown. I don't think he realized what he was doing.
3. Object manipulation: Oliver spends all his time manipulating objects these days. He takes things out of containers, puts them into containers, whacks one object with another. Instead of playing with one object and putting it in his mouth, a project will be to take all the blocks out of a wagon and toss them on the floor. When the house looks like its been attacked by wolves, he's ready for a nap.
4. Bedtime tantrums: It is now pretty common for Oliver to have a longish meltdown at nap and bedtimes. He will stand in his crib and throw out all the toys and blankets that are in there with him to show how annoyed he is.
5. Snuggling: Oliver has a new love for stufffed animals; the bigger the better. He played with a large tiger at Dad and Connie's house and just wrestled and wrestled with it. At home we got him a large soft dog that he jumps on and hugs on the floor.
6. Challenges: We have been doing sign language with him for months but he isn't interested in it. He is also due to start transitioning from bottle to sippy cup but he hates sippy cub. He's always very annoyed when we bring it out.

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