Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This past Saturday, Oliver turned 7 months old. We were in Denver with Matthew's parents. Oliver celebrated the day with the arrival of his first tooth. He's been a bit cranky with the teething but nothing too major.

Oliver is also becoming more communicative. Rather than babbling just for the noise of it, he makes small specific sounds while looking straight at you. If he is being held by dad and wants mom to see it he'll make a pointed grunt while looking at her. It's sort of an "Uh!" meaning "Hey! Pay attention." The other thing he communicates is sort of "again" or "let's go" by wiggling his chest forward and back a couple of times. It's sort of a giddyup mom type of thing.
We have been trying to do sign language but so far he's not using the signs back at us at all.

He's beginning to focus on the use of his index finger rather than all the fingers in a raking grasp. Not quite coordinating the pointer and the thumb into a pincer yet.
There are new foods in his menu, including Zweibach toasts which grandma introduced him too. They are an instant favorite, and something will concentrate on until finished.

Two weeks ago I was a nervous wreck dealing with Oliver's new mobility. He was so excited about being able to crawl that he would just do anything without any real ability at physical control or awareness of consequences. It's just so amazingly exhausting trying to keep a moving robot boy from hurting himself every single second. Just two weeks later he has MUCH more control and is able to get himself out of the tight spots he gets into.

These days dad is good at getting Oliver to laugh by blowing raspberries on his belly and face. Oliver is not a snuggler, which is a bit of a bummer sometimes, but it might just be his age. Book reading time is a special time for me because it's the one time he will sit on my lap for ten minutes and be still. Well, and also when he is getting a bottle.

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