Sunday, April 19, 2009

Heat Wave

This weekend Matthew is visiting his sister and her family in Seattle. This is my first solo time with Oliver and we are doing just great. Updates for him are that he's now eating all types of food other than dairy. Eggs, Chicken, Beef, veggies, fruits, etc. So he's all set. It's nice to go to a restaurant and mash something up for him like a banana or some yogurt.

Oliver is working hard on his pincer grasp but doesn't have it yet. He is able to grab one thing with his left hand and another thing with his right hand and bang them together which is a big win for him. A week or two ago if I handed him a second thing he would need to drop the first to take it.

Oliver is getting BOSSY. I'm having to remind myself that I am the adult and he's not really upset. He will stand in his crib and scream in the hope that I'll get him out, or start crying if I close a baby gate as he's approaching.

We went to the Santa Cruz beach yesterday and to SF today. Oliver will eat fistfuls of sand repeatedly if allowed. We did not sit in the sand long. It's been very very hot here, which is new for Oliver. Today I let him run around in diaper only for a few hours to air out a bit. He's not thrilled with the heat, and hates the 70 sunblock I'm spritzing him with all the time. With his love for baths I'm just biding my time until the pool opens. Boy is he going to love that!

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