Monday, December 29, 2008


It's been too long since our last post. Therefore I must give only highlights in bullet point form:
1. Oliver is now loving to grab his feet
2. Oliver can sit up for about 15 seconds before falling over. He does not mind falling over.
3. Oliver is now smiling all the time.
4. Because he knows he is cute, he prefers to be looked at all the time. He will often make sqeaking sounds to get attention then smile once he is being looked at.
5. Flying on the plane with Oliver was quite an adventure. Picture dad in the tiny bathroom changing Oliver on a toilet seat while he takes advantage of his diaper free moment and pees on the floor. On the way back mommy got to change two poopy diapers on the plane. This is an odd coincidence because Oliver doesn't have a BM more than once every 4 days or so.
6. Oliver may have his first cold. We are going to check with the doctor on the 31st to find out what the deal is but he's coughing, runny nose, and one eye is dripping a constant tear.

We've got a ton of great photos from Christmas, so below is only a sampling. To see more, please visit:

Demonstrating his skills with cousin Emma

First solid food - yummy sweet potatoes!

Looking festive with Grandma

Opening his stocking with Mom

Meeting Emma's doll Sophie

Daddy and Oliver on Christmas morning

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