Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 new things

5 new things about Claire:
1. She passes things from one hand to the other.
2. She's old enough to eat rice cereal, but won't.  You put it in her mouth and she looks at you like you are crazy.
3. She can roll over.  Multiple times.  I often set her on her blanket to get something done and come back to her wedged beneath a piece of furniture.
4. She loves grabbing her feet.
5. She's ticklish.

5 new things about Oliver:
1. Obsession with Cars 2 has given way to obsession with Starwars.  It's amazing to me that after 2 years of nothing but lightning McQueen the tides have turned.
2. This weekend he told me I was his best friend, and then later said that he wants to, "Do like me when he grows up."  I wasn't able to get specifics on that.
3. When you compliment Oliver he often tells you that you are wrong.  I'm not sure why.  He's generally a confident guy but if you say something like, "Oliver I think you are very smart."  He'll say, "No mama."
4. In the beginning of the school year Oliver didn't play with other kids, he played next to them.  Then he met a classmate named Peter that he was obsessed with.  He would copy him and follow him around.  Now he's got a new best friend name Johnathan, an African American boy who shares Oliver's love for the swings.  Sometimes Johnathan is too clingy and Oliver is rude to him, but most of the time when we arrive in the classroom Oliver is pleased to hear Johnathan call out, HI OLIVER!!!"
5. When we go out on family walks he'll ask me to stop the stroller and shout, "It's smellin' time!" Then he'll go over to a rose bush and point out the flower I'm going to smell and the one he's going to smell.  We'll repeat the process 7-8 times on the way to Starbucks.

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