Sunday, November 6, 2011

3 year old boy

I think October might be my favorite month - fall's finally here, MLB playoffs and the World Series, Halloween - we had fun this October. Oli decided he wanted to be skeleton for Halloween, so despite our far-flung wishes of him finally deciding to adorn the darling panda bear costume Amanda so lovingly sewed for him last year....we went with the skeleton. I bought a 3T/4T costume online, and it was waaaaayyy too tight, so we got some black clothes that fit him, and Amanda sewed the bones on. His buddy Alex was a skeleton too, so they made for a cute couple.

I just uploaded photos from our camera for the first time in months, so I'm including a bunch from the late summer months and early fall this time.

Amanda and Joanne at Oli's birthday party


Ridiculous birthday fun

He loves going to the doctor. He often begs us to please go to the doctor.

First day of his new class at Bing

Goblin Walk with Mama

Oliver the Skeleton

Carving pumpkins with Grandma and Grandpa Meek

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