Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby in my belly

People often ask me what Oliver thinks of having a new sister on the way. It's strange to me, because I don't know what kind of response they are looking for. There's no way a toddler would want to introduce something new to the family that will be a mom attention suck, and babies don't really offer any fun for almost a year. They won't play together for some time. So generally the answer is, "He's aware it's happening, totally unaware of the impact it will have on his life, and if he was aware, would absolutely try to push for a change in plan."

That said, there are some things Oliver is doing related to the baby on the way. He has put Nana (his monkey) under his shirt a million times telling whomever will listen that he has a baby in his belly. He has a book that talks about a pregnant mom who gives birth, and he's very interested in how the big belly can turn into a baby. He lifts my shirt sometimes, points at my belly button, and tells me in an instructive way that the baby will come out of that button. I don't argue.

Oliver has never tried to care for a baby doll. After Oliver's birthday party a family left a baby that was battery operated and would crawl. He began to hold the baby's legs while the arms waved mechanically back and fourth and pretended that the baby was either a vaccuum or a lawn mower, I'm not sure which. So he's not a nurturing sort.

I'm sure Oliver will have a hard time when the baby comes, and that he will be generally indifferent for some time. Hopefully as he gets older he will be a caring older brother who can offer attractive older friends for this new gal to flirt with.

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