Friday, June 24, 2011

Oliver's Noteables

1. Able to count at a glance. Can look at a set of cars and say "that's three cars" without counting individually.

2. Good at sharing. Able to find something to offer a friend if a conflict arises over the toy he is holding. Doesn't yank toys from others.

3. Has been able to do a somersault for about 6 months.

4. Able to ride a tricycle.

5. Creates little scenarios in his play. The bulldozer pulls up the train track and has to fix it, or the crane has to help the train who fell off the track.

6. Can build letters by putting cars together to make shapes. So a line of cars with one horizontal on top and bottom is a capital I.

7. Most common phrases, "Follow me please," "I need a snack", "I want to watch a show", "Relax guys" (said to Matthew and I when we are talking calmly, as a way to tell us to stop talking and focus on him).

8. Fully potty trained and able to tell us when he needs to go. Wears diaper at nap and bedtime.

9. Still takes a blissful 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, which is the joy of my weekend. Sleeps through the night, but is starting to play a bit in his room rather than going directly to sleep when put down.

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