Sunday, March 6, 2011

Technology & Spending

Today Oliver was reading a book called "Trucks". On the back there is a miniature ad for the three other books in the series, "Fire Engines", "Planes" and one other. Oliver came to me and pretended to pluck the fire engines book from the back with his fingers. "I need dis un", he said. I picked up my phone and opened the Amazon app. I typed in fire engine and showed him the results. He browsed through until he saw the same picture as he saw on the back of the book and then tapped with his finger to select it. We made the purchase.

I told him that the mail man would come and bring him the book in a couple of days. Then about 15 ore 16 times after that he came up to me and said something to the effect of "mail man come bring fire truck book". Eventually we went to the library to get some firetruck books so that he could get some immediate satisfaction.

He brought up the mail man bringing the book so many times that I know it's puzzling him. What is the connection between the phone and the book coming? Why doesn't the man come right away with the book? Is there some office where mail men wait for children's requests, so that they can go to a store and shop, then deliver?

One time I handed Oliver a $5 bill when he wanted to buy a toy at Walgreens, and he didn't respond at all to it, had no idea what the paper was for. The boy never sees money, only the card that I use with the machine. He knows he needs to hand a toy to the man behind the counter before he can take it out of the store, but it will be interesting to see his concept of finances take shape in a world that is so different from the piggy bank I grew up with.

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