Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big Boy Bed

This weekend we are going to get a Christmas tree, and Oliver is going to transition to a big boy bed. I'm so ready. Can't wait to be able to lay next to him for our nightly books, and not to have to lift a 36 pound boy into a crib each day. Matthew has been more hesitant. It's a final confirmation that our son is no longer a baby.
Oliver is able to climb out of his crib and to climb in it as well. So for safety reasons its really time to make the shift. Today Matthew came home with a home made book called "big boy" about a kid who gets a new bed, sleeps in it all night long, and doesn't come to visit his parents in the middle of the night. Oliver loved it and asked to read it 7 times today. Hopefully the message is sinking in!

Oliver's language is developing in a parabolic manner. Just weeks ago it was three word sentences. Now common phrases are:
"I ate it all up"
"I like armored plates" (on dinosaurs)
"warm it up" (milk before bed)

His first story was about the traumatic experience of stepping on cat poop in the yard barefoot. When guests arrived at our house for the next few days he would do his best to reenact the horror by pointing to his toes and saying "poop cat".

Oliver is also going through an insane eating phase. The other day he woke up from a nap in a terrible mood, went to the fridge and asked for an egg. I made him a scrambled egg and he horked it down, then asked for another. I made him another and he ate it and asked for a third. I offered a banana, milk, juice. "No. I want more egg mama." So I made him the third egg and he ate it all. He eats two dinners on a regular basis.

The whole family has been battling a nasty cold for the last two weeks. We all need a relaxing weekend with tea and tree decorating.

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