Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oliver's 20 months old now, and quite a guy. He's a whiz at puzzles and has recently mastered the vehicle puzzle Grandma and Grandpa gave him for Easter. It's one of those puzzles you have to put batteries in, and the lights flash when you complete the police car, fire engine, or ambulance. He then likes putting his face right up to the lights as they flash for a bit of a strobe effect. He'll also spin in place until he becomes dizzy and falls down.

His language is coming along as well. He's getting better at initial sounds, and for words like, "helicopter," "handlebars," and "llama," that are longer and have something of a rhythm to them, he's inventing sounds that mimic the words, and are very cute. He's also picking up, "Help, Dad," (pronounced, 'Up-ah') which is a bit of a godsend. Now he doesn't just point at the doorknob and whine when he can't open it....not all the time, at least. He's getting some hand motions going with songs like, "The Eensy Weensy Spider," "Patty Cake," and "Ten Little Boys and Girls."

Tonight, Mom invented a game called, "Kayaking Down the River Nile," in which Oli sits between my legs and I kayak him along, bouncing my legs and moving them side to side. We've got to watch out for the crocodile before kayaking again for awhile, and I enjoyed making rapids. "Kayaking Down the River Nile" is rivaling "Handlebars," in which Oli sits on my stomach, holds my thumbs, and I bounce him up and down.

He's learned to give zerberts, as well, which is hilarious for all involved. It started with tickling when we would stretch our arms up over our heads, revealing bare bellies. He's practiced and now gets a pretty good sound out of his lips on our bellies.

Amanda and I are hanging in there. Keeping busy and doing the best we can to get by in this world. Take care - I'll post some photos soon.

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