Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It is hard to talk about milestones, because the thing about children is that when one thing happens, everything happens. Oliver is becoming a little boy. He talks now. He went from no talking to saying and repeating lots of things. From not doing any puzzles to being able to do all the puzzles we have. He can put shapes in holes, and can put objects in their home (dog goes in dog house, cookie goes in cookie jar). This morning I said "I love you" while I was changing his diaper and he tried to repeat it. We practiced saying "I love you" to one another about 10 times and I could tell he knew what it meant and was close to figuring out how to make his mouth make the noises.
His most common phrase is "oh no!" which he uses whenever he drops something or makes a mistake or spills. He's starting to act like a virgo wanting things to be clean and ordered. If a bit of yogurt spills he points it out and we need to wipe it up asap.
Oliver is aware of the patterns and images on his clothes now and has certain shirts that are favorites. He wants to wear things with planes and trucks on them.
Oliver is starting to manipulate us. He knows when he is doing something wrong and is quick to look back with a sneaky grin to see if I'm noticing. He wants to skip back to the middle of a book if I've said it's the last one before bed.
Oliver is becoming a picky eater and his favorite food is now apples. Each day he eats a peeled apple little by little like a beaver. He carries it around with him for an hour working on it little by little.
Oliver is becoming impatient. If he can't figure out how to push something in the yard because the ground is uneven, he will get frustrated and have a tantrum. If he's unable to make a toy work correctly or if we don't understand him, he'll have a tantrum.

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