Sunday, December 6, 2009

The (almost) all video post

We've gotten some great videos of Oliver lately that really capture his personality. He's been a real hoot to be around these days - full of laughter, babbling words (pronouncing 'ball,' 'moon,' and 'bravo' pretty well), going crazy with the cognitive skills, engaging friends and strangers...and there's so much we haven't written about in the past month or so - Halloween, Alexander's birthday in LA, Thanksgiving with cousins Emma & Andrew in Ohio, Anais' birthday, the beginning of Christmas season....

Many, many more photos (and videos) are here, including him and Anais in their Halloween costumes, snuggling with Alexander, drawing, Grandpa, reading with Emma, and driving his favorite toy around the yard. There’s even a video Emma took of Oliver in her room over Thanksgiving – gotta give props to the budding filmmakers in my family!

On to the videos – the first one shows him successfully using a fork while eating yummy lasagna dinner (note his hand usage – I personally am encouraging him to be a lefty so that he has a better chance of becoming a MLB pitcher).

The next one shows vintage Oli now – racing about and being chased by Amanda around the dinner table.

Later that night, I couldn’t resist tickling him and eating his feet while preparing him for bed. You just can’t stop what you’re doing when a kid’s laughing like that!

I wanted to upload the video we took of Oliver waking up from a nap and seeing the Christmas tree for the first time, but it’s about 5 minutes long, and I need to buy more space to make it work, so I’ll see about editing it in iMovie and posting it later. In lieu, I leave you with two photos of Oliver at Christmastime – exploring the tree lot on Saturday and reveling in the splendor of our Christmas tree. Happy Holidays, everybody!

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