Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crawling, upside-down, & thumb-sucking

It's been about three weeks since we last posted, and Oliver's grown by leaps and bounds in that time. We had a great time at Marissa's 30th birthday celebration in Sonoma, where we took Oliver on his first wine tasting. We also took a bottle of wine we bought from Preston Vinyards on a picnic, where Oli explored bark and grass and dirt and nature stuff. Last weekend we were up in Yreka celebrating G.G.'s birthday. He came down with his first 2 ear infections, and was a pretty sad little guy for awhile, but he's getting over those quickly.

When he's not preoccupied with a good book, Oliver's main object these days is to crawl as far and as quick as he can. And he's getting pretty good at it, too. Franco is patiently keeping his distance, but it's only a matter of time. Oli smiles and laughs a lot these days. He loves to be held upside down and is a sucker for a zerbert on the stomach. He's pretty much sleeping through the night, thanks to the discovery of his thumb-sucking skills. The power of his right thumb to put him to sleep quickly is miraculous, and Amanda and I are very grateful. Just yesterday he started bouncing in the Johnny Jump Up as well, which was a real treat to watch.

More photos and videos here:

Enjoy, and love and happy spring to all!
- Matthew

The fountain at Preston
Don't mess with me

Not many crawling videos - you'll have to Skype us to see that.
A couple of cute ones with Daddy, though....

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