Wednesday, February 4, 2009

5 new things

The boy loves his lobster hat.

Accentuating the baby mohawk

Oliver and Alexander chatting it up.

Amanda and Jojo trading babies

1. Oliver likes tags more than the toy that has the tag (like a stuffed animal). He loves touching the tags grabbing the tags, brushing his fingers over the tag. He LOVES his knitted blanket with all the ribbons around the edge that grandma Mary knitted for him.
2. He's been sleeping on his stomach but then in the night crunching his knees up so that his bottom is in the air. Very silly sleeping pose.
3. He's eating sweet potatoes, carrots, and banana.
4. Loves his exersaucer. He uses it in a very agressive and manic way. Plays with each thing for about 20 seconds then rotates to the next.
5. Loves to scream and squeal.

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