Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jamie & Greg's wedding

This weekend was a big one for the family, as we traveled further away from home than we ever have been together, and Oliver attended his first wedding. Our friends Jamie and Greg got married in Napa and we made the trek. Surprisingly, it went really really well. Friday afternoon San Francisco rush hour traffic made Oliver cry for about 10 minutes, and made us feel like crying, but we made it through together. We also had a big step in letting him "cry it out" for the first time. Though heartbreaking, it was necessary (our apologies to the other residents of the Fairfield Inn).

We had a very memorable afternoon tromping around Napa - the next time you're there, we suggest you drop by the Ceja winery for a lovely, leisurly tasting experience, and to Ubuntu for the most extravagant flavors of vegetarian cuisine you've ever tasted. The wedding itself was lots of fun, with delicious food, a spectacular setting, a capoeira demonstration by the groom, and even a dance with the bride for Oliver.

More photos here:

Jamie and Greg's wedding, The Carneros Inn, Napa

Two beauties

Dancing with the bride

He loves that karate pose ('kram' is Swedish for 'hug' or maybe 'hiiii-YAAA!')

Sweet boy

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Amber said...

Yay for Oliver being a good traveler!

Doc, you look really beautiful. Glamorous as usual.